1. zerushka:


    More flower crowns! Available here.  I’ll be making more autumn ones soon <3

    These are so beautiful!

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  3. fehyesvintagemanga:

    Kitazawa Shigeru

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  4. cross-connect:

    NeSpoon is a street artist from Warsaw, Poland. Her artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces. NeSpoon calls her artistic approach the “jewellery of the public space”:

    Jewellery makes people look pretty, my public jewellery has the same goal, make public places look better.

    NeSpoon often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street via

    artist find at Lustik

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  6. visitheworld:

    Beautiful gardens at Yoshino-Baigo, Ome / Japan (by ).

  7. drcabl3:



    A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

    Um yes!

    I still want to bulk buy these and adonize  batch pink.

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  8. ravenfirethief:


    I knew I missed something in London!

    Hoxton Street Monster Supplies exists.

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  9. Costume Designs from Mary Poppins

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  10. post-impressionisms:

    Katsushika Hokusai: Feminine Wave and Masculine Wave

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  11. what’d you get saddled with?
    —I wasn’t saddled with anything. it’s coraline.
    caroline what?
    coraline. coraline jones.

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  12. ben-c:

    12 people have deleted me as a contact because i wont stop changing my skype name

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  14. sosuperawesome:

    Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

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  15. thirp:

    I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

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